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This product is a guide to have at your disposal everywhere and learn about the power of Image&Style. Learn about you and invest in yourself. Get the most out of your unique characteristics and become succesful with your Image.

In just a few seconds, others judge us based on our appearance and nonverbal communication. But this is an unconscious process, very often we don't even notice that we're doing it. Basically It's just a part of our primitive heritage, when we could not afford to make bad decisions or take too long to act, the primitive man had to assess the situation and act accordingly without overthinking what the other tribe's man was really trying to communicate, I mean it was almost impossible at that time to stop and think, "oh well I should not be judgemental and give this guy a chance, maybe he doesn't mean any harm"
The first thing we find out is if we should feel threatened, then immediately after this, we search for attraction or identification codes.
Nowadays we are always short of time, so we take the quickest, shortest and easiest way to try to understand the other person's communication. So judging others in the first 10 seconds of an interaction is an essential part of our communication and survival mechanisms. Like it or not the word "judge" is clearly something inevitable. But if you learn to use it, you'll see it as a necessary and positive tool; a process of assessment and observation that helps us understand what people are trying to communicate.

It's easier to have a good concept of a well-dressed and groomed person. It is usually perceived as more intelligent, confident and a good company in general. We tend to go as species towards what's beautiful, so when we look someone looking great, we admire it. Going a step further, dressing well makes you look more important for the success of your company and even keeping your job or relationships.
In the competitive current world, even the smallest details count to make you stand out from the crowd.

This book will systematically teach you about the importance of Image. It will show you how to understand style and how to apply it. This book also contains a system that makes you look beautiful and confident no matter what; the S.P.F.C. system that step by step will guide you to learn and recognize your unique characteristics to really and honestly use them to your advantage. This product will allow you to look and feel in the best way possible. Follow these steps and tips and I personally guarantee you this book will make you look and feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Be congruent with yourself and the way you communicate who you are to the world. Be the best version of yourself.

The Rules of Style